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Monday, 09 November 2009 14:02


The Centro para la Autonomía y Desarollo de los Pueblos Indígenas (CADPI) or the Center for Indigenous Peoples' Autonomy and Development is a research and educational center for Indigenous and Afro-descent communities on the North Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. The center was created to provide documentation and analysis of local Miskitu culture and socio-political history, bridge racial barriers and eradicate prejudices, in the region, display the work of local artists, and encourage local appreciation of the breadth of Miskitu culture. The activities carried out by the center concentrate on the following areas: Indigenous Peoples Rights and Autonomy, Indigenous Women’s Rights, Cultural rights and Revitalization, and Cross-cultural Communication, Climate Change.

Contact Details:

Address: Casa Museo Judith KainBilwi, Puerto Cabezas, RAAN, Nicaragua
Tel: +505 279 22 225


Bello Horizonte Q-IV-7, Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: +505 22 49 0831
Email: mairena[AHT]

For the project, the persons responsible are:

  • Dennis Mairena Arauz - National Coordinator